Black Lives Matter is Not Enough

If Not BLM, Then Who?

The very first day when I met my husband he asked me for my opinion on the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM). It was a hot topic in 2020 with a lot of protests going on. I didn't have much of an opinion. I assumed the organization was simply founded on the belief that black lives matter. With that, I agreed. Even with my limited understanding I'm almost certain I posted "#BLM" on social media to show my support. My husband on the other hand told me he did NOT agree with the organization. That was off putting to me. We were just getting to know each other and he was beginning to come across as racist. He just spent the last two hours sharing his testimony with me. His love for Christ and disdain for Black Lives Matter was not adding up to me. What was I missing? How would he explain himself? I was very interested to find out.

His explanation was quite simple. He is found in Christ. His identity and value is not based on race. Neither is it based on ethnicity, nationality, abilities, disabilities, finances, popularity, success, age, sex, or any other factor the world tends to focus on. Dividing ourselves according to such categories, categories that the Bible does not give importance to, shifts our focus away from the Unifier, Christ. It keeps us distracted and stagnant rather than alive and growing.

As Christians we learn to view life through a spiritual lens. We are taught that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood but against powers, principalities, and the rulers of darkness. The world is very deceptive in its attempt to package life in a physical box and many times their attempts are successful. 

When I first heard about Black Lives Matter in 2020 I can remember the majority of my friends on social media were in solidarity with the movement. As I mentioned before, even I shared a post or two to show my support. Instead of getting caught up in my emotions and the momentum of the movement, I should have slowed down and taken the time to understand what was going on. I should have practiced discernment.

So what was going on? BLM was packaging life into a physical box. They framed the situation as if someone was being oppressed because of a physical trait, race. Whether or not that was true is beside the point. To focus on such things keeps us stuck in the physical realm; analyzing the available evidence, arguing back and forth on social media about who was right and who was wrong. As a result, many people came together under BLM to support whom they believed to be the victim of a racial crime.

Here's the thing about coming together under the BLM umbrella. If your intention is to support whomever you believed to be the victim of a racial crime, it doesn't stop there. Take a look at their website and understand you are signing up to support so much more than that. Want to take it a step further and put your money where your voice is? Looking back now we can see how BLM misused charitable donations for the founder's gain.

BLM succeeded in convincing many that the inherent problem was physical and they provided themselves as a solution. That solution turned out to be several problems in itself. Now we are left questioning, "If not Black Lives Matter, Then Who?" As Christians, we need to put aside the physical presentation set before us and look at the spiritual reality to find out "Who".

If you know my husband, you know he is an amazing basketball player. :) Anyway, his respect for NBA player  Jonathan Isaac grew in 2020 when Jonathan Isaac stood during the national anthem while other NBA players got down on one knee to show their support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. I think his story is an exceptional example of a Christian who is practicing discernment and seeing the world with their spiritual eyes wide open. I encourage you to listen to this Jonathan Isaac Interview where he explains his reason for taking a stand.

Jonathan Isaac stood with Christ because he believes Christ is the solution. Even more than the solution, Christ is the Way of Life. The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy. That's a problem. Christ, on the other hand, has come to give us life abundantly. There is not one thing wrong with that! So, get caught up in the physical and be divided by race, ethnicity, nationality, abilities/disabilities, finances, popularity, success, age, sex, or any other factor the thief tends to focus on OR have a relationship with the Christ and receive life abundantly? Get caught up in the physical and be divided on who is right and who is wrong OR have a relationship with Christ and be united in our understanding that ALL have fallen short and are in need of Him? Imagine if we all chose a relationship with Christ! There would be no problems left to be divided on. Instead we would be united through Christ, the Way, the Truth, and Life. Considering this, I pray you are encouraged to be bold and stand with Christ, witnessing to a world that is divided and distracted by problems.